BroadTech prides itself in having a proven
track record in the wireless industry.
  This has been accomplished by successfully
building strong partnerships with their clients.
  About Us    
  BroadTech, Inc. was founded in 2001 by a team of seasoned wireless industry veterans in the after-market support of wireless devices. Our business was developed to address a growing outsource need for repair, refurbishment and logistic services for wireless distributors, carriers and OEMs. Our primary services include, but are not limited to; repair, supply chain management, reverse logistics / return management, forward logistics and e-services.

Our management team has a proven track record for successfully delivering quality workmanship to all its customers. With years of experience in repair and process management, BroadTech brings a proactive approach to problem solving. By developing a working partnership with its clients, BroadTech provides them with the benefit of having a proven leader in wireless aftermarket product support.
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